37.5 Targets Bedding Markets


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  37.5® is taking its technology to the bedding market in an exclusive partnership with Pacific Coast Feather Company, the two companies announced.

Pacific Coast Feather Company will team with Design Weave to strengthen the 37.5 technology across all bedding product categories. The first advanced bedding system of its kind, bedding with 37.5 technology is proven to control the microclimate next to your skin that helps improve your sleep.

37.5 bedding uses natural particles that both attract moisture vapor and absorb the infrared energy your body
naturally emits. These 37.5 particles act as sensors responding to your needs for warmth or cooling. The technology
constantly adjusts your personal micro-climate to keep you in the comfort zone all night long. This is the same
technology used in high-performance clothing that extends the users comfort range and improves the user’s physical
performance. Learn more about the partnership with PCF below:


Pacific Coast Feather, Sleep 37.5 Partner on Bedding

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BOULDER, Colo.-Pacific Coast Feather Co. has formed an alliance with 37.5, developer of technical performance clothing, footwear and sleep systems, on a collection of bedding that uses the 37.5 technology. The technology uses natural particles that both attract moisture vapor and absorb the infrared energy the human body naturally emits. The particles act as sensors that respond to the body’s needs for warmth or cooling. It constantly adjusts to the body’s micro-climate to keep a person comfortable for the entire night, according to a 37.5 statement. Check out the full HFN article below:

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Will A Set Of Sheets Make You Sleep Better?

It can be difficult to grasp the magic behind 37.5, but Haggquist did an admirable job of explaining it the nuances of its design. “Most [fabric] is passive, it doesn’t know what your body wants,” he says. This stuff, on the other hand, contains active particles—naturally occurring minerals—that are incorporated into the fabric via a patented, top-secret method. While a lot of performance fabrics wick away sweat, 37.5 turns excess heat and moisture into a vapor. The fabric dries quickly, helping to regulate your body’s temperature. If you’re shivering, it does the opposite, holding in heat to bring you back to a normal body temperature.


Companies partner to launch Sleep 37.5 Bedding System

Furniture Today, February 26, 2014 By David Perry

Cocona was making cutting-edge sports apparel, but its hippy-esque reputation held it back.  A new, data-driven name — 37.5 — changed everything.

BOULDER, Colo. — Technology provider Cocona has partnered with textile manufacturer Design Weave to launch the Sleep 37.5 Bedding System, designed to provide deeper sleep.

The system uses the same high performance technology used in active apparel and makes them available in the home furnishings industry, officials said. Products in the system include a mattress pad, pillows, a sheet set, a comforter, a blanket and a duvet cover.


37.5 Launches New Sleep System

Home & Textiles Today, March 19, 2014 By Julie Murphy

BOULDER, Colo. – 37.5, the rebranded Cocona, this week debuted a new sleep system that will begin rolling out with retail partners. Earlier this week, the company also added to its senior management team to expand the brand.

Effective March 17, apparel visionary Scott Branscum has come on board as executive vp overseeing merchandising, marketing and sales on a global basis. He has over 20 years of brand building and merchandising expertise with companies such as Tumi Outerwear, Massif, Perry Ellis International, Eddie Bauer and Cutter & Buck.

“Scott brings a merchandising capability we think is critically important,” ceo Jeff Bowman told H&TT.

The sleep system, which uses 37.5’s patented technology to capture and release moisture vapor, includes mattress covers, sheets, comforters and pillow cases. 37.5 refers to 37.5 degrees Celsius, the temperature at which the company asserts to the optimum core body temperature for healthy sleep. The body is also best in an environment of 37.5% humidity, according to the company. The idea behind the system is that it brings sleepers to the ideal body temperature and moisture level – then keeps them there.


Will ‘37.5’ be a magic number in outdoor apparel-and in bed, too?

Cocona has re-launched as 37.5 to emphasize the performance benefits of the activated carbon textile technology. Tara Hounslea catches up with Jeff Bowman to find out the latest about the company’s new brand name, updated business model and expanded capabilities. Jeff Bowman became CEO at Cocona last year, having acquired a lifetime of experience in the performance apparel industry at companies including Gore, Polartec, Cascade Designs and Massif.