The 37.5 Sleep System

The 37.5 bedding system incorporates the finest performance technology from athletic and outdoor apparel into bedding to transform one’s sleep experience. While bedroom temperature is important, it’s the personal microclimate created within your bedding that has a greater influence on whether you will sleep through the night and wake up rested.

Your body releases heat in the form of water vapor, and this water vapor around your skin is what determines your personal microclimate. Effective management of heat and water vapor is essential to good sleep, and bedding materials have a huge impact on your body’s microclimate. Bedding made with 37.5 technology actively removes excess heat and moisture vapor on-demand to maintain an optimum comfort zone, allowing you to enter deeper, longer periods of rest. In fact, in third-party field testing with 37.5 sheets, 100% of users who generally wake up more than 3 times a night woke up fewer times.

Just as with clothing, 37.5 technology works in a single layer but the performance actually increases when layered. The products in the system are designed to work as a total system that creates the most comfortable bedding available anywhere.

Poor sleep is a common crisis for many, and 37.5 technology in bedding has the potential to truly improve how people rest and recover. We guarantee it.

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